How Often Do I Dry Clean A Suit?

Most suits are made of high quality material that must be dry cleaned only. How often a suit should be professionally cleaned depends on many factors. An individual who wears a suit regularly to work may need his or her suit dry cleaned monthly. On the other hand, someone who wears their suit only once or twice a year should have it cleaned annually to prevent odors or dust from harming the material.

How Often

The material of the suit is important to consider as some fabrics hold odors and stains better than others. Wool suits, for example, need to be cleaned more often than synthetic blends because they absorb odors quickly. No matter what the material, all suits should be taken to the cleaners as little as possible to prevent fading and wearing of the fabric. In general, only dry clean a suit when it becomes soiled or there is an odor present to prevent damage.

Options for Regular Use

Suits that are worn regularly can quickly become faded if cleaned too often. For the most part, the best option is to spot clean the suit after use. Some people recommend a natural bristle brush to remove debris from the fabric and keep the material looking new. Others recommend cleaning products that can remove tiny spots. Steam cleaners can also remove light odors and wrinkles from suits that are worn often.

Suits Worn Occasionally

Suits that are worn only on occasion should be taken to a dry cleaner a couple of times a year to prevent odors and dust from building up on the fabric. A suit that is dry cleaned at least once every six months will retain its crisp appearance and be ready in the closet when it’s needed. Because dry cleaning is so affordable, it can be the perfect way to maintain the quality of suits over a long period of time that are infrequently used.

Dry Cleaning Tips

There are many ways to maintain a suit’s crisp and clean appearance through dry cleaning. Occasionally taking a suit to a dry cleaner can keep a professional appearance without harming the integrity of the material. When a suit is taken to a dry cleaner it should always be kept together. Although some trousers can be washed in a home washer, washing all pieces together allows them to wear the same way. This prevents mismatched suits in the future. A professional dry cleaner can also provide services like pressing. This can restore the neat look of the suit without running it through the cleaning process.

Having a suit cleaned is an affordable and easy way to maintain a clean and professional appearance. However, constantly leaving a suit with the dry cleaner will cause premature wear that will damage the fabric. Most suits only need to be cleaned when they are visibly soiled or there is a smell. Between cleaning, use spot treatments and suit pressing to keep the suit looking new.

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