Kinds of Fabric Needing Dry Cleaning

Today, we are all too busy to do any washing ourselves. Indeed the trend indicates that most single men and women use dry cleaning services to do their laundry. This is especially true in apartments and condos. However, if you do casual house cleaning yourself, this guide will detail which types of fabrics you should not try to clean yourself or hand wash, because proper dry cleaning is essential for some very delicate fabric fibers.

One of the kinds is silk. If you happen to own an expensive gown or night dress, and the fabric content is over 60% silk, the care should be taken to not destroy the natural silk fiber. You might have known that silk gets stronger when it’s wet, so why you still have to dry clean it? The reason is simple, natural fibres tend to change their shape and elongate under physical influence when you wash your garment either by hand or though spinning using a washing machine. Dry cleaning does the job by the use of hot temperature and bleaching chemical (care should be taken when using dry cleaner to select the right amount of time and temperature level to not get too hot).

Other types of fabric that need professional dry-cleaning include some of the most delicate dresses made of cotton voile or muslin. These two natural types often tear easily with just slight pulling, so never even try hand washing them; nine out of ten times you will end up with a ripped piece of cloth.

Third situation might evolve lighter silk fabrics such as chiffon, silk georgette, or crepe chiffon. Extra precaution is need for those over the top high fashion pieces with beading, embroidery, fancy buttons or other types of expensive embellishments. For these kinds of designer clothing, gowns, tops, skirts or jackets, there almost no other way to clean but use a dry cleaner service. Make sure that the person who takes on the job has enough experience dealing with high priced garments and use appropriate chemicals when cleaning you cloth.

Though you can’t clean delicate fashion accessories with washer dryer combo, a good washing machine still does a great job of laundry for most ordinary daywear clothing. If you need to buy on such machines make sure to check out Kenmore washing machines reviews prior to committing a serious investment.

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