Our Story

Site Selection

street-view-80x80Since the beginning, the vision was of offering good quality dry cleaning services at the best possible price. That vision could become reality only if we could help a lot of people save money in dry cleaning bills.

front-view-80x80So, the location of the Dry Clean Warehouse plant was very important. If we could not help enough people save money, we could be out of business in three months!

back-view-80x80Finally, after six months of hard work, we finally found what we thought was a good location: a brand new shopping center at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd (Old Airport Rd) and Homestead Road, in the city of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Getting Started

getting-started1-80x80Like any vision struggling to become reality, ours started with a signed lease and an empty shell.

getting-started2-80x80It’s been said that to make visions become reality, all it takes is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

getting-started3-80x80After taking care of the easy, first 10% of the equation, we were ready to tackle the second 90%. We knew it would not be easy. Or cheap. But we strongly believed we were ready for it.


Getting There

getting-there1-80x80Four months, some expensive mistakes and hundreds of thousand dollars later, the interior buildout was almost complete and the equipment started arriving. It started to look like we might finally be able to open.

getting-there2-80x80We were almost three months behind schedule, but at least we could see the light at then end of the tunnel. The vision was finally starting to become reality…


Your Staff

Production Manager

Tagging Unit

Once we opened, the next challenge was finding the right staff. We were looking for people that would work hard, each and every day, to provide you with the dry cleaning quality you expect from us.


Pressing Unit

Bagging Unit

And as we found them, we treasured them. To the right and left are a few of the ten employees dedicated to meeting or exceeding your expectations, at the lowest possible cost you.


Dry Clean Warehouse Today

current-front-80x80Thanks to a great reception by our friends and neighbors, our vision has become reality.

current-counter-80x80We’re proud to offer you the best dry cleaning services we can at the lowest possible cost to you. And we look forward to continue serving you in the future.