Ways to Save Money On Dry Cleaning

During the earlier times, people will go to rivers or anywhere they can find a source of water. They will need to spend the whole day washing their clothes using soap and water. They will then spend another day or so drying them and another one day just pressing them. Today, cleaning your clothes has never been easy.

You can just use some machines to do the dry cleaning for you or you can just pay someone to do all the cleaning. The only problem when having your clothes be cleaned by a cleaning company or store is that it be quite expensive at times. Here’s what you can do to save for your dry cleaning service.

Utilize The Services Being Offered

This means that you need to make use of all the possible free services they are offering like the sewing of holes, replacing buttons or zippers, or hemming of pants. Most service providers offer this kind of service with no additional cost.

Find a Reliable Cleaner and Stick With Them

If you are going to be a loyal client for a certain dry cleaner, you can be awarded with some special discounts or services with no additional cost. This is often given by companies or store owners to their loyal customers since it keeps you coming back to them rather than going to their competitor. The difference of prices between providers is not that much compared to the discounts you will be having if you are a loyal customer.

Save Your Hangers They’re Worth Something

If you will be using a dry cleaning service provider, most of them would be preparing your clothes with hangers after pressing. You can later on bring all those saved up hangers to your cleaning provider and they might even give you some discounts. This is because instead of buying new ones, they just reuse some of the ones that can still be used.

Change Your Clothes at Work

Change into your working clothes when you are at your work place. Though it is not applicable for everyone, wearing your clothes only when you are at your work place preserves the life of your clothes after it has been pressed. This can lessen the wrinkles on your clothes and can make pressing them a lot easier and faster after they have been cleaned.

There you go, some of the few tips on how you cans save money on dry cleaning.

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